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About us

Atlanta Infusion Therapy

At Revive Me, our mission is to enable you to live your best life by aspiring for self care and wellness and spreading the power of optimism.


Founded by a Registered Licensed Nurse, Revive Me trusts IV drip therapy as among the safest, most convenient, and most efficient ways for people like you to gain immediate health-boosting benefits while laying a foundation of nutrition for you to experience life-long growth and vitality. From day one, we’ve sought to provide customers in Metro Atlanta, New York, & Florida with access to this safe and comfortable treatment.


Embedded in our DNA is a commitment to your convenience. We provide same day service, a mobile staff of licensed professionals, and no-hassle booking in order to help you receive our healthy infusions when and where you need it most—in a process you can complete on your lunch break.


You deserve comfortable care. That’s why we take strides to create the safest and most relaxing environment for your therapy, whether that’s in your home, office, or other preferred meeting place, or, coming soon, a peaceful and private therapy suite.


A long and healthy life is yours for the taking. Our infusion therapies will help you get there. Our team at Revive Me Infusion & Wellness are here to help you Relax, Restore & Repeat.

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