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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is infusion therapy?
    Infusion therapy is an alternative to oral treatment that entails the administration of drugs or medicine through a sterile catheter or needle. These are often introduced into a patient's vein and secured by a professional healthcare provider.
  • What are the benefits of infusion?
    Wellness encompasses more than just your health. In fact, wellness refers to the diverse range of factors that contribute to your overall wellbeing and includes everything from your emotions to your environment. IV drips can improve physical wellness and improve aspects of emotional wellness, such as depression or anxiety, by giving your body the tools it needs to stay in top condition. When your body has the ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients for normal function, you’ll feel better, get sick less frequently, and enjoy mental clarity. Every day, your body requires a certain intake of vitamins and nutrients to maintain normal function. While the exact level varies from person to person, the demands of daily life can make it difficult to ingest adequate amounts of these essential vitamins. Even when using multivitamins, your body does not absorb all the nutrients due to the metabolic process. On top of that, some people have impaired absorption that reduces the ability to effectively convert nutrients into usable energy for cells. IV drip therapy improves overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to: - Improve immune health - Boost energy levels - Improve symptoms of depression - Improve anxiety - Improve mental clarity and cognitive function - Reduce the symptoms of migraines - Improve symptoms of asthma - Improve allergies - Combat fatigue - Accelerate wound healing - Maintain the strength of muscles and tissues …and much more IV drip therapy is a convenient, efficient way to give your body the support it needs to keep you feeling your best year-round.
  • How often should I get an infusion?
    There are many things to consider when developing a treatment plan, so how often you should undergo hydration therapy will vary from person to person. When you first begin treatment, you may need to schedule weekly infusion sessions. Most people will benefit from treatments spaced about two weeks apart once their nutrient levels become stabilized. This is because you should expect your nutrient levels to remain elevated for between two to three weeks after each treatment. Some patients choose to schedule infusion therapy sessions monthly once they have achieved their desired results, and others only seek treatment when they experience symptoms.
  • Do I need a doctor’s prescription to get an infusion?
    You do not need to have a physician prescription in order to benefit from our services. We are a non invasive, safe practice.
  • How long does the process take?
    Our nurse can be at your door in an hour. Call, text or make an appointment online today. We are mobile and can come to your home to deliver the vitamins & fluids you need. We Come to You Feel Better Fast No Credit Card To Book Same Day ASAP Service We can provide infusion to you on your lunch break. Getting infused takes anywhere from 35-60 mins, what we pride ourselves on is the experience during your infusion, we provide a relaxing atmosphere along with meditation techniques that will aid in providing you a heightened experience.
  • My hospital offers the infusions I need. Why should I get my infusion therapy elsewhere?
    Revive Me offers significant advantages over the hospital. For one, we are focused exclusively on infusions — meaning that a health professional, pharmacist, and other staff member has the expertise to guide you through all aspects of your treatment. Secondly, allowing Revive Me to meet you where you are means less hassle in parking, and not having to navigate through a complex, multi-building hospital to get to your treatment location. For other conditions, the cost savings are even greater. The average cost of a hospital stay is $1,500 per day without medications, whereas the per-day cost of Revive Me is $150 with medications.
  • What area do we cover?
    We infuse clients in the Atlanta metro area, Florida and New York.
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